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Construction and Installation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Cogeneration Plants

Tamult is a leader in designing and constructing combined heat and power plants (CHP), offering customers complete technical solutions for various needs. CHP plants, also known as cogeneration power plants, are highly efficient systems that simultaneously produce electricity and heat from a single fuel source. Compared to conventional electricity generation and separate heat generation, this dual-generation approach significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

What is a CHP Plant?

A cogeneration plant is an integrated system that uses heat as a by-product of the electricity generation process. Instead of releasing this heat into the environment as waste, it is captured and used for heating, cooling, or industrial processes. This maximizes fuel consumption, which increases efficiency levels. CHP systems can run on various fuel sources, including natural gas, coal, biofuels, and waste.

Tamult’s Expertise in CHP Technology

Tamult AS excels in constructing biomass boiler houses as the cornerstone of electricity cogeneration in CHP plants. With extensive experience in the field, Tamult AS specializes in developing, producing, and installing key components such as biofuel grate stoves, advanced boilers, flue gas cleaning systems, and complete biofuel storage and transport solutions. Our systematic approach covers the entire project life cycle – from initial feasibility studies and preliminary sketches to monitoring the final stages of construction and installation. This comprehensive service model guarantees that every facet of the biomass boiler house is fine-tuned for optimal efficiency, sustainability, and compliance with environmental regulations.

A prime example of our expertise is in Estonia, where we successfully implemented a biomass boiler house for a combined heat and power plant in Rakvere. This project highlights our ability to provide customized energy solutions that meet the unique requirements of both communities and industry, reinforcing our commitment to innovative and environmentally sustainable energy production.

Partnership and technology

For the power generation component of CHP plants, Tamult works with recognized partners to supply generators, ensuring our customers have the best technology available. At the same time, we are proud to develop and manufacture other critical technologies in-house, providing our customers with a seamless and integrated engineering solution.

By choosing Tamult for your combined heat and power cogeneration plant project, you are choosing a partner with proven experience in providing efficient, sustainable, customized energy solutions. Our commitment to innovation and extensive knowledge make us the ideal choice for implementing environmentally friendly and cost-effective cogeneration technologies.

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