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Why Tamult

At Tamult, we go above and beyond to ensure our manufactured products not only meet but exceed the European Union's rigorous standards and our customer's exacting requirements. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the durability and reliability of our equipment, designed to serve your needs for at least 20 years, with maintenance costs constituting only 10-15% of your initial investment.

We pride ourselves on precision engineering. We never over-dimension our devices, ensuring they perform reliably, even under unexpected conditions. This meticulous approach reduces downtime and unforeseen costs for you, our valued customer. With Tamult, you're not just choosing a product; you're investing in peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Saxwerk would never be where we are now without the cooperation with Tamult. We are very satisfied with the speed and quality of the work and even if there are some issues they always take full responsibility and fix things quickly.

Tomas Wendt


Over 400 mw equipment produced
The oldest working device is over 25 years old
Product development is done by in-house specialists
Own installation and maintenance team

From Tamult, you can get the entire biomass boiler house engineering solution in one place

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of securing your entire biomass boiler house engineering solution with Tamult. Our integrated approach means we meticulously design, produce, install, and maintain every component of your biomass boiler house. From sophisticated electrical and automation solutions to the final touches of installation and proactive maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Behind every successful project is our team of dedicated specialists. With deep roots and long-term experience in design, production, installation, and maintenance, our experts ensure excellence at every stage. Choose Tamult for a seamless, expertly managed biomass boiler house solution that stands the test of time.

Our products are all over the world

We have extensive experience designing, producing, and installing heating systems for large cogeneration plants (10 MW+).

Our products work in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Canada, Turkey, and even Thailand.

While our products span continents, our installation expertise is deeply rooted in the local contexts of Sweden, Germany, Latvia, and Estonia. This blend of international experience and localized service allows us to offer unparalleled solutions, tailored to both global standards and specific regional needs. With Tamult, you’re choosing a partner with a proven track record of success across the globe.

We also offer turnkey solutions

  • Comprehensive Power Calculation: We accurately determine the required power for your specific needs.
  • Expert Material Advice: Our experts guide you in choosing the best heating material for efficiency and sustainability.
  • Optimal Sizing and Placement: We assist in selecting the ideal surface size and installation location for maximum performance.
  • Design with Maintenance in Mind: Comfortable and convenient maintenance is at the core of our design philosophy.
  • In-House Production and Installation: From fittings to final setup, we handle everything to ensure seamless integration and quality.

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