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The oldest working device is over 25 years old
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Design and installation of flue gas scrubber and electric filter of Jüri boiler house

Elveso biomass boilerhouse electrical filter
Jüri flue gas condenser
elveso biomass boilerhouse ash container


As part of this project, flue gas condensers were installed on biofuel boilers in the boiler house of Jüri township, aiming to increase the boiler house’s efficiency.

A flue gas condenser with an electric filter was installed for heat recovery devices. The electric filter is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the heating surfaces of the flue gas condenser, the reliability of the device, and to reduce the number of periodic maintenance shutdowns – in short; it increases the efficiency of the condenser and the overall efficiency of the boiler house.

The calculated heat capacity of the flue gas condenser is 1290 kW.


Elveso AS




3 MW + 1.5 MW


Design and installation of flue gas scrubber and electric filter of Jüri boiler house



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