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Solid biomass boilers and grate furnaces

Tamult is at the forefront of renewable energy solutions with its advanced solid biomass boilers and grate furnaces, embodying innovation and sustainability. We are dedicated to manufacturing and installing fully automatic grate furnaces and biomass boilers that stand out for their efficiency and environmental friendliness. Designed for the production of heat and electricity, our systems are ideal for a wide range of applications, from district and local heating networks to combined heat and power plants and various industries reliant on biomass energy.

Our product range includes hot water, natural gas, steam, and thermal oil boilers with capacities ranging from 1 MW to 20 MW. These systems are engineered to efficiently burn a variety of biofuels, including wood chips, wood waste, peat, municipal solid waste, and more, making them versatile for different energy needs. The combustion process in our grate hearths is finely tuned to maximize energy output and minimize waste, featuring a zoned approach that enhances the drying, burning, and cremation of biomass fuels.

One of the key aspects of Tamult biomass heating systems is their energy efficiency. Rigorously tested by Taltech (Tallinn University of Technology), our biomass boiler houses are among the most energy-efficient solutions on the market. This not only contributes to lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional fossil fuel systems but also ensures a significant reduction in operational costs for our clients.

Our innovative grate hearth design is another cornerstone of our biomass boilers’ effectiveness. With a large volume and a compartmentalized approach to combustion, including drying, burning, and cremation zones, our boilers ensure optimal biomass fuel processing. This design is complemented by a sophisticated air supply system and IR sensors for monitoring fuel layer thickness, enhancing the combustion process’s efficiency and reliability.

By choosing Tamult biomass boilers, users invest in a low-carbon heating system that significantly reduces carbon emissions, supporting the global shift towards renewable energy sources. Biomass heating offers a sustainable alternative to gas or oil boilers and capitalizes on the renewable nature of biomass fuels derived from organic materials. This approach aligns with environmental goals by providing a carbon-neutral solution to energy production.

Tamult’s biomass boilers are not just about environmental benefits but also a smart economic choice. With the rising costs of fossil fuels and increasing concern over climate change, our biomass heating systems offer a cost-effective, renewable, and efficient way to generate heat and save money. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, our biomass boilers can provide a dependable source of heat and power, leveraging renewable fuels to create a more sustainable and financially viable energy future.

In summary, Tamult is committed to providing cutting-edge biomass boilers that offer efficient, renewable, and cost-effective heating solutions. Our various biomass boiler systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern energy production, from district heating to industrial applications, making renewable energy accessible and beneficial for a wide range of users.

Why use biomass to produce heat?

Use biomass, a renewable energy source, to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Biomass heating is environmentally friendly, unlike fossil fuels. Biomass fuel includes wood fuel, waste wood, wood pellets, agricultural waste, and other organic materials. Tamult biomass boilers are the best for industrial biomass heating. Be carbon neutral and start using a renewable energy source like biomass to generate heat and make a positive environmental impact.

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Typical scope

  • Horizontal hot water boiler 6 bar 130 º complies with PED 2014/68/EU
  • A grate hearth with moving grate rows equipped with a fuel feeder
  • Grilles with a minimum chromium content of 26%
  • Cast iron side plates with a minimum chromium content of 26%
  • Primary pressure divided into combustion zones
  • Primary air fan with frequency regulator
  • Secondary air/flue gas recirculation fan with frequency controller
  • Recirculation mixed with secondary air
  • Primary and secondary air ducts and control valves with actuators
  • IR level sensors to maintain an even fuel level on the grate
  • Level sensors and camera cooling
  • Preheating of the primary air by cooling the external surfaces of the combustion chamber
  • Fire-resistant insulation, masonry, and bricks
  • Hydraulic ash scraper under the grate for automatic ash removal
  • Hydraulic hearth grates and ash scraper for moving. Shut-off valves, hydraulic pipelines
  • Hydraulic cylinders for moving the hearth grates and the ash scraper under the grate
  • Automatic pneumatic heating surface cleaning system (Airshot)
  • Optional: water-cooled stationery and moving grate carriers


  • High efficiency and lowest emission
  • Strong and reliable design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable rated power with all fuels used
  • Long service life of the combustion chamber
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to pre-assembled modules

Used fuels

  • Wood chips
  • Wood pellets
  • Cream
  • Peat
  • A mixture of milling peat and wood chips
  • Wood pellets, peat pellets.
  • Fuel humidity 10-60%
  • Size [nominal length mm]: ≤ 100


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